Worthy Words (April 26)

Fresh herbs & spiritual fragrance, the land of our inheritance, behind the scenes, forgetfulness & remembrance, practical spirituality & 10 meditation tips

Worthy Words (April 12)

Analysis paralysis, sufficient grace, unworthy yet rescued, the truth about contentment, Moses and mustard-seed faith, and the treasure of the book of Leviticus

Worthy Words (August 25)

The joy of imperfection, a place to belong, a salvation story with plenty of faith twists and turns, crumbling plans, and truth gleaned from a cancer trial

Worthy Words (August 18)

Grace for mistakes, guilt over quiet time failure, the truth about rest, a fresh perspective on David and Goliath, the value of your work, and wise guys

Worthy Words (August 11)

Fiery trials, safe places, grumbling and gratitude, gifts and grief, and monsters. This week’s collection sounds tumultuous, but I assure you it’s full of hope!

Worthy Words (August 4)

A battle with creation, victory hidden in the onions, 8 practical ways to use the psalms, when we don’t feel like spending time with God, and plenty of laughter

Worthy Words (July 28)

Praising people, the ignorance of sheep, Google and anxiety, summer heat, and some helpful thoughts about platform

Worthy Words (July 21)

Beauty everywhere, inadequate answers to our big questions, the danger of an uncompromising life, socializing, invaluable memory, and making a difference

Worthy Words (July 14)

Everyday hospitality, blessed sleep, walking worthy, and amazing statements. It is what it is.