If you’re a Christian interested in writing for God’s glory, you’ve inevitably asked questions like:

Am I called by God to write?

What exactly am I supposed to write?

How do I overcome writer's block?

How do I deal with "imposter syndrome"?

Is it wrong to build my platform for my writing?

When I began my first blog in the early 2000s, I searched for answers to these common questions and plenty of information online—but it didn’t address the issues from a biblical perspective.

God’s Word says that he has given us everything we need for life and godliness through the knowledge of Jesus Christ (2 Peter 1:3). This means that if we’re called to write for his glory, he has provided what we need to walk in that calling. So I set out to find the answers to my questions in the Bible.

Join me at Wield The Word for articles, live writing mentorship, practical tips, and a community of fellow “Word wielders”. This is where I share inspiration and practical tips to help you write for God’s glory and the good of others. 


A taste of the content you'll find at Wield The Word...

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When You Are Rejected

How can we deal with rejection in healthy ways? Does the Bible have hope to help us handle our hurt after rejection? Jesus knows what rejection feels like.

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20+ Practical Ways to Overcome Writer's Block Once & For All
20+ Practical Ways to Overcome Writer's Block Once & For All


Every writer experiences writer’s block, creative stagnancy, or a lack of inspiration at some point. 

The Bible has a permanent cure for this all-too-common malady! 

In this 12-page resource, you’ll discover:

  • Common causes of writer’s block in the Christian writer
  • Where our words come from
  • 3 biblical sources of inspiration

You’ll also find more than 20 practical ways to stay inspired forever and get started with 20 unique writing prompts.

Ready to conquer writer's block?


Writing for God's Glory Workshop

The Writing for God’s Glory workshop provides answers to the deeper questions aspiring Christian writers ask. Each of our three 90-minute sessions include:

Bible-based teaching

Breakout discussion groups

Live Q&A

Writing exercises & journal prompts to help you apply what you're learning

Participants leave each session inspired by God’s Word, encouraged by fellow writers at all stages of their writing journey, and equipped with practical tools you can use immediately to grow in your craft and write for God’s glory.

Topics include:

Our role, responsibilities, and calling as Christian writers

What to write and how to ensure our writing glorifies God

Platform-building according to Jesus and His disciples

A biblical prescription for writer's block

How to deal with imposter syndrome

The value of community as Christian writers

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