Scattered Seeds

dandelion seeds blowing in the wind

Do you ever wonder if your efforts matter? God’s Word offers encouragement for us in the plodding and sometimes wearying work of everyday faithfulness.

Killing Mice and Conquering Sin

killing mice and conquering sin

A recent home invasion by mice reminded me of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ—the most effective strategy for resisting temptation and conquering sin.

The Wonder of Worship

soft white peonies

A memoir of meaningful worship moments that remind me of Home, who we are, and the future we can anticipate before the throne of God—our eternal worship service

When You Are Rejected

person holding up a frowning face sign in front of their own face

How can we deal with rejection in healthy ways? Does the Bible have hope to help us handle our hurt after rejection? Jesus knows what rejection feels like.

When You Know You’re Unworthy

row of white wedding dresses hanging on a rack

Do you feel unworthy of God’s love today, like your sins make your situation hopeless, beyond God’s goodness and grace? Be encouraged by my story.