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When You Are Rejected

How can we deal with rejection in healthy ways? Does the Bible have hope to help us handle our hurt after rejection? Jesus knows what rejection feels like.

I’ve been rejected. The relationship mattered so much to me; I often went the extra mile, regularly showed genuine care in tangible ways, and listened intentionally to deepen our connection. Told my efforts weren’t good enough, I felt useless and discarded—like a brown banana peel.

How do you deal with rejection? How do you handle the brutality, the jarring hurt, the tsunami of emotion?

I reacted with shock, disbelief, and denial. “How can this be? Surely there must be some mistake or misunderstanding. This can’t be the end.” Then I became offended and angry. “How dare they blame me!” I pinpointed all the wrong on their part and cast myself as the victim. Within hours, I moved to the muck and mire of doubt and despair. 

My thoughts became focused on me alone—my weaknesses, my inadequacies, my failures. I questioned God’s call on my life and doubted my ability to do what he asked of me. I felt like giving up, abandoning everything, and withdrawing from all other relationships to spare everyone the trouble of having to deal with such a failure as me. 

It sounds melodramatic, but it was my first real rejection as a freelance writer. My client thought my style and skill set weren’t a good fit for them anymore. 

It happens. Rejection is a normal part of the life of a writer. 

Rejection is a normal part of most people’s lives at some point. Whether the rejection is related to a job, family, friendships, or any other type, it hurts. 

Perplexed about how to deal with my rejection, I turned to Someone I know who’s been there.

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