How to Be a Writer Without Social Media

How to Be a Writer Without Social Media

If you're a Christian writer wanting to build a platform without social media and feel cringy, salesy, or awkward about marketing your content, this is for you!

Are you a Christian writer who is reluctant to use social media yet fears it’s necessary for a successful platform? Plug in your earbuds, and get ready for encouragement and practical help!

In this three-part podcast series, I joined Rachel Baker and Amy Lynn Simon, the host of The Purposeful Pen podcast, to discuss building a writer’s platform without social media.

Build a Writing Platform Without Social Media Through Collaboration

In the first episode of this series, we discussed: 

  • the pros and cons of social media, 
  • some of the myths surrounding writers and social media, and 
  • how collaboration can help you reach more readers. 

We also talked about Substack and considered what qualifies as social media.

We shared our personal experiences with social media, including why I abandoned it and how Rachel limits her social media presence. We also answered some important questions about collaboration, including:

  • how to decide who to collaborate with and 
  • how to get started with collaborations.

How In-Person Events Can Help You as a Writer Without Social Media

How can you connect more deeply with your audience as a Christian writer? In-person events provide valuable opportunities for connection and platform growth.

In the second episode of this series, Amy, Rachel, and I discuss the depth of connection we experience through teaching, speaking, and networking. (We decided that virtual environments count as “in-person” settings.)

Does public speaking scare you? We address that, too, and share practical ways to overcome the fear of public speaking.

SEO for Christian Writers Without Social Media

The Purposeful Pen Podcast episode with Jana Carlson about SEO

Does marketing your content feel cringy or salesy and make you feel awkward? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, you’ll love this last episode of our three-part podcast series.

In this conversation, we discuss SEO—search engine optimization. I share why SEO is ideal for Christian writers to build a platform. Seriously—this topic excites me so much! 

SEO sounds intimidating to many Christian writers, but it’s quite simple. In this short episode, I provide a few easy, practical tips you can use today—no matter how “technologically challenged” you may feel—to serve your readers well and grow your writing platform for God’s glory.  

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