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How to Be a Writer Without Social Media: Part 3—SEO

If you're a Christian writer wanting to build a platform without social media and feel cringy, salesy, or awkward about marketing your content, this is for you!

Are you a Christian writer who wants to build a platform without social media? Does marketing your content feel cringy or salesy and make you feel awkward? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, you’ll love this last episode of our three-part podcast series: How to Be a Writer Without Social Media. (Listen to Part 1 here and Part 2 here.)

In this conversation with Amy Simon, host of The Purposeful Pen podcast, we discuss SEO—search engine optimization. I share why SEO is ideal for Christian writers to build a platform. Seriously—this topic excites me so much! 

SEO sounds intimidating to many Christian writers, but it’s quite simple. In this short episode, I provide a few easy, practical tips you can use today—no matter how “technologically challenged” you may feel—to serve your readers well and grow your writing platform for God’s glory.  

The Purposeful Pen Podcast episode with Jana Carlson about SEO

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