rushing river in a frosty forest

A Foolish Forest Foray

By God’s grace and mercy, I lived to tell the tale of my dangerous trek in a frosty forest. As my heart rate returned to normal, I reflected on biblical truth.

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soft white peonies

The Wonder of Worship

A memoir of meaningful worship moments that remind me of Home, who we are, and the future we can anticipate before the throne of God—our eternal worship service

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person holding up a frowning face sign in front of their own face

When You Are Rejected

How can we deal with rejection in healthy ways? Does the Bible have hope to help us handle our hurt after rejection? Jesus knows what rejection feels like.

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a vignette of antique items including a camera, clock, and typewriter

The Good Ol’ Days

Is there anything wrong with longing for the “good ol’ days”, simpler times? The Bible has something to say about nostalgia and discontentment with the present.

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