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How to Be Faithful Instead of Frantic So You Can Get the Important Things Done

What drives our hamster wheel lifestyle? These three practices changed my life and brought me from a constant sense of chaos to a consistent sense of calm.

I used to feel like a giant rubber band—trying to hold it all together, pulled in too many directions, and stretched so thin it seemed I would snap. 

Endless to-do lists, a calendar filled with commitments, families to love and care for, friendships to cultivate, workplace duties, ministries to serve in, hobbies to nurture—it’s no wonder we feel frantic. Add to this the nagging knowledge that our relationship with Jesus Christ should be our top priority. Yet days turn into weeks that turn into months and we’ve unintentionally neglected what matters most.

Do you ever wonder how to get it all done without buckling under the unbearable weight of it all? How can we do “all the things” without disregarding what’s most important? 

Continue reading at Gospel-Centered Discipleship to learn what drives our hamster wheel lifestyle and discover the three practices that have changed my life and brought me from a constant sense of chaos to a consistent sense of calm.

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