Killing Mice and Conquering Sin

killing mice and conquering sin

A recent home invasion by mice reminded me of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ—the most effective strategy for resisting temptation and conquering sin.

When You Know You’re Unworthy

row of white wedding dresses hanging on a rack

Do you feel unworthy of God’s love today, like your sins make your situation hopeless, beyond God’s goodness and grace? Be encouraged by my story.

Thunderstorms & Hardened Hearts

dark thunderstorm cloud in the distance over a yellow field

Psalm 29 is the perfect background music by which to worship our masterful Creator and majestic King, reminding us of His sovereignty and the power of His Word.

Love & Lost Causes

man lost in the woods

Most people would give up on a lost cause, but in the Kingdom of God, there are no lost causes. There is hope because there is One who loves, seeks, and saves.

What Does the Bible Say About Complaining?


What does the Bible say about complaining? This quick mini Bible study looks at both Old and New Testament passages about grumbling and complaining, including causes and consequences of complaining.

The Truth About Sin & Suffering


Is sin the cause of my suffering? What if I’m not aware of any sin? Why should I have to think about sin when I’m struggling to endure this hardship?