Overcoming Prayerlessness

Lord, teach us to pray. - Luke 11:1

Prayerlessness plagues me. I do experience satisfying, fruitful seasons of prayer, but I also experience dry prayer winters. This fluctuation frustrates me. It seems I could always more prayerful.

Jackie Hill Perry says, “Prayerlessness is a sign that I believe I only need myself to keep myself throughout the day.”

When I don’t pray, I’m living as though I don’t need God. But I sure do need Him! 

Think about this: Jesus prayed. 

Jesus, the Son of God, the perfect Man, prayed.

He prayed all throughout His day in constant communion with the Father. Jesus prayed:

  • alone (Matthew 14:23, Mark 1:35, Luke 9:18; 22:39-41)
  • in public (John 11:41-42; 12:27-30)
  • before meals (Matthew 26:26, Mark 8:6, Luke 24:30, John 6:11)
  • before important decisions (Luke 6:12-13)
  • before healing (Mark 7:34-35)
  • after healing (Luke 5:26)
  • to do the Father’s will (Matthew 26:36-44) 

If Jesus needed to pray, how much more do we need to pray?!

Does your own prayer life need reviving? Lord willing, I’ll be writing a blog post about this in the next few weeks, but for now, try this one tip:

Create a new prayer trigger. 

For many Christians, mealtimes are a natural trigger to pray. Other prayer triggers could be:

  • when your alarm goes off in the morning, or just before getting out of bed
  • starting your car
  • brushing your teeth
  • folding laundry
  • turning on your computer
  • in the shower or bath

If it’s been a while since you’ve spent time in prayer, just like one of Jesus’ disciples in Luke 11:1, start with this prayer: “Lord, teach me to pray.” 

Then read through Luke 11:2-13 for His answer.

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